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Lindsay Burns

lindsayLindsay is currently entering her first year of York’s PhD program in Clinical Psychology.  Lindsay completed her BSc Hons at St.FrancisXavierUniversity where she studied the effectiveness of pool therapy for arthritis pain before joining the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada (ARC) where she contributed to several clinical, imaging, and epidemiological studies of arthritis.  While at ARC, Lindsay pursued her MSc in Experimental Medicine through the University of British Columbia, where she conducted a population-based study on the burden and cardiovascular impact of depression in arthritis.  Her research interests include: 1) epidemiological modeling of risk factors for chronic pain outcomes, 2) development and validation of improved treatment approaches to chronic pain, and 3) overcoming treatment barriers to appropriate chronic pain management, especially among at-risk and marginalized populations.  Lindsay strongly values knowledge translation and encourages patient collaboration in all aspects of her research, from informing meaningful research questions to disseminating results to the patient community.  


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Updated on June 7th, 2013.