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Muhammad Abid Azam

3f076d2Abid is currently in the 3rd year of the PhD Clinical Psychology program at YorkU. He's previously completed the Kinesiology & Health Science Master’s program. Abid’s current research focuses on investigating and evaluating post-surgical pain management and opioid tapering interventions based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. He is currently a trainee in the Toronto General Hospital, Transitional Pain Service assisting in the psychology program's development, evaluation, and operations within the clinic. Abid's other research interests include: 1) the use of heart-rate variability and respiration measures to investigate stress-related conditions (perfectionism, migraine-tension headaches) as well as parasympathetic activity during mindfulness meditation, and 2) the use of a mobile-app based mindfulness meditation task to elicit changes in mood, mind-wandering, and present awareness. Previously, Abid has served as the president of the “Healthy Student Initiative”, a project which, in alignment with the York University Psychology Clinic, provides mindfulness meditation practice to students through free in-person and online tutorials.


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Updated on June 27th, 2017.