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Allan Walton

Allan has a B.A. and M.A. in psychology from York University and he is currently completing his doctoral work. He has worked in the area of assessing and treating clients with chronic pain since 1980. He has testified as an expert in court in this area and has testified at the legislative committee hearings with various revisions of automobile insurance legislation. He was the founding president of the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Centers and was chair of the conference "Accountability in Rehabilitation". He was a member of the Ontario Ministry of Health rehabilitation priorities resource group. Allan has either published or presented in the areas of conformity, chronic pain, and outcome measures and is currently involved in research with faculty of York University in the areas of PTSD, chronic pain, and perceived injustice.

Allan was the founder of Pain Management Clinics and one of the founders of Columbia Health Care. He is currently the founder and Clinical Director of Fox Psychological Services which provides psychology and neuropsychology services.


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