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Lab Members

Lab dinner on March 3, 2016

Click on the names below to see a profile on each lab member: 

Grad Students:
Katy Curtis
Samantha Fuss
Samantha Fashler

Allan Walton
Tom Buis
Meaghan Ferguson
Claire Wicks
Lindsay Burns
Valery Kleiman
Ana Bilanovic
Brittany Rosenbloom
Vered Latman
Abid Azam
Teresa Marin
Eric Oosenbrug

Research Assistants:
Shima Razavi
Mahsa Nasseri
Arielle Sutton
Megan Rossi
Candice Stoliker

Aliza Weinrib
Janice Montbriand

Undergraduate Thesis Students:
Sindoora Iyer

Noga Lutzky-Cohen
Hance Clarke
Sander Hitzig
Gabrielle Pagé
Mary Friesen
Maya Roth
Christine Novak
Paula Miceli (PhD, 2015)
Amrita Ghai (PhD, 2014)
Andrea Martin (PhD, 2010)
Kaley Roosen (MA, 2009)
Vincent Calleri (MSc, 2007)
Sarah Stuart (MA, 2007)
Andrea Gibas (MA, 2005)

Former Research Assistants:
Kerime Arisan
Masha Koroleva
Lauren Goldberg
Kelly Chin
Shira Segal


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